Davis Healthcare Center

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On Thursday, May 22nd, a tree crowding a PG&E power line caused a power surge, small fire, and an unsafe condition in our facility. To ensure the health and well being of our patients, they were immediately moved to neighboring facilities. Though we would like to begin caring for patients again in the near future, we will not resume services until specialists assure us that the building is safe for our patients, their families, and our employees. We will be updating this website and invite you to return often for important updates.

UPDATE: PG&E and various regulatory divisions of the State have visited the facility. We are working together to restore power which will allow us to begin the troubleshooting process. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we work together during this difficult time.

6/9/14: We recently learned that the estimated time to reopen is at least six months.

6/18/14: The facility still remains without power. We are continuing to work with all involved parties so that we can continue our troubleshooting process.

6/29/14: Power was restored to the facility and we have begun troubleshooting all electrical systems. This process will take time as we must ensure all systems are properly functional and safe.

PATIENTS AND FAMILIES: For additional information please call our facility at 530-756-4900, or contact Christian Marcheschi at cmarcheschi@plumh.com.

PAYROLL/AP: Janette O'Neal - 760-471-0388 ext. 236 or joneal@plumh.com
BILLING/AR: 760-471-0388 ext. 237


Davis Healthcare Center is a premier skilled nursing facility in Davis, California. Our state-of-the-art facility serves the community of Yolo County and the surrounding areas. We provide rehabilitation services and around the clock skilled care in a comfortable and friendly environment.

At Davis Healthcare Center, we offer the highest level of care for our residents while still maintaining a home-like environment. We are dedicated to enabling our residents to achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential while not forgetting the caring and compassionate side of health care.

We offer daily nurse practioners and physician oversight through Capital Medical Extended Care which helps our residents improve their clinical outcomes and reduces the hospital readmission rate. We provide a broad range of post acute care and are an outstanding resource to the neighboring hospitals and community.

We welcome you to come visit and tour Davis Healthcare Center and see what sets us apart from the rest.